I hate crowds. I hate standing in lines. I hate overpriced tickets, overpriced food, and giant cartoon characters kinda creep me out. So why, you would ask, does a man with these feelings spend a week in Disney World? Why does a man who has all those cynical thoughts spend a great deal of time and money at one of the most crowded, overpriced places in the country?

Because of the giggles.

I love the giggles of two little girls more than I hate anything. I love that when those plane engines kicked in and we started shooting down that runway, there was nothing but giggles until we hit 35,000 feet. I love that throughout the Seven Dwarves Runaway Mine Train all you could hear were squeals and giggles. I love that when they rounded the corner to meet Ariel there were gasps and giggles. I love that, even though they were so exhausted they could barely keep their eyes open, the fireworks and light show at the end of the night still elicited gasps of awe and a good number of giggles. I love the giggles.

 “ … singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord; always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father;…” Ephesians 5:19-20

 I didn’t spend a week in Florida because I wanted to go to Florida. I didn’t spend my money on Disney because I missed Mickey. I went and did those things because I love my girls.  And I cherish the giggles.

And even though they tried really hard right up until we got on the plane to leave, they never sold me a souvenir. I didn’t need a tshirt or a magnet or even a hat to remember my time in Florida. I have a lot of pictures that will do just fine.

I also have two little girls who know their mommy and daddy care more about them than about work or school or anything else in this world. I have two little girls who laid their weary heads down in the hotel and said, “Daddy, thank you for all this.” And that’s enough for me.

Jesus says that if we, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to our children then how much moreso will it be with God. As a fellowship, churches of Christ have been so worried about what is NOT mentioned in Ephesians 5 that for years we’ve missed what IS there; thanksgiving, gratitude, melody in your hearts.

To me a heart filled with melody sounds a lot like … a giggle.

And you know what? I think God doesn’t want any souvenirs either. I don’t think he needs your money or your votes or your tshirts or anything we have to offer. I think He just needs to hear our gratitude.

And maybe, just maybe, a giggle every now and then.100_0173

This week be looking for God’s good gifts, and find an excuse to giggle.

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