Your First Domino

Physicists have long used dominos to illustrate natural phenomena. They like to use the domino to illustrate gravity and gravitational potential energy. Basically, the idea that a normal sized domino can start a chain reaction that could, in theory, knock down a building!

Stephen Morris (who holds a PhD in geophysics and lists “the Physics of everyday phenomena” as a research interest) set up a series of 13 dominoes, each roughly one and a half times the size of the one knocking it over.

The first domino is so tiny — it’s 5 millimeters tall and only 1 millimeter thick, it’s actually smaller than a Tic Tac — that it needs to be set up with tweezers. The 13th is more than three feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds.

A summarization of that paper by the MIT Technological Review explains that “the force required to topple the domino is smaller than the force it generates when it falls. It is this ‘force amplification’ that can be used to topple bigger dominoes.”

In fact, the kinetic energy exerted to push that first domino is just 2 billionths of that released by the last one as it comes loudly crashing down.

But regardless of the ending power of this chain reaction, it all starts with that first domino. That first domino is the tipping point that sets the whole thing in motion.


Our new series, THE REAL GOD, postulates that how you view God … is your first domino.

Everything in your life; your self-worth, your relationships, your career, even the way you interact with the world, is shaped by how you see God.

And the force of that chain reaction can come crashing down with disastrous effect!

Last week, we began looking at God’s goodness. This week we will focus in on His sovereignty. I hope you will consider joining us for class time so that you may participate in discussion and study about how God longs for you to see Him.

Your perception of God is your first domino.

Let’s really press in to that idea and get to know who God truly is. I honestly believe that this understanding can change your life!

See you Sunday,


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