Choose You This Day (your Father’s Day gift!)


Father’s Day is here! 

If you’re still struggling to get Dad something meaningful, how about a book on being a better man of God? Listen to what others are saying about “Choose Whom You Will Serve”

Jeff does a great job showing the servant nature of Joshua’s leadership. This is a great read for those that want to lead God’s way.  –  Al Robertson – Duck Commander


Jeff Dunn helps us understand what masculinity is supposed to be — without veering into either extreme passivity or the aggressive macho nonsense that too often passes for “biblical manhood”. This book is a gentle but firm reminder of what God’s ideal looks like. – John Alan Turner (author of Still Me; Life as a Work in Progress, and others)

You can get the book by clicking on either of the booksellers below (of if you’re close to Huntsville, swing by my office!)


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