40 Days of Fervent Prayer

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sunday Huntsville Church of Christ was challenged to enter into 40 days of fervent prayer. We strive to be a people of prayer. We want to seek God and His leadership instead of trusting in our own performance or abilities. So we set out to engage Him in prayer.

First, we will add “Your kingdom come, your will be done in Huntsville, in Huntsville Church of Christ, and in me as it is in heaven.” into every prayer we pray. Again, this is no magic incantation. This is simply a plea to submission. We want to be seeking first the kingdom of God. In order to do that, we submit ourselves, our town and our church to His will.

Second, we will pray each day following a biblical model of prayer. Again, there is no magic in this. This is simply a guide to prayer. A way to focus our prayers and to share in community knowing your brothers and sisters are praying with you the same basic prayer for that day. (link below)


If you would like to engage with us in “40 Days of Fervent Prayer” we would welcome your participation. I’m attaching the list that was passed out on Sunday morning detailing each day’s scripture and prayer.

I pray that this exercise blesses you and enriches your prayer life. I pray that this brings you closer to those you share fellowship with as you seek God together. Ultimately, I pray that this simple challenge draws you closer to the Father as we seek His kingdom together.

Yours in Christ,



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