British shepherds often take sheep and rams, one by one, and throw them into a dipping trough, a huge vat filled with an antiseptic liquid. The shepherd must completely submerge each animal, holding its ears, eyes, and nose under the surface. It is of course horribly frightening for the sheep. And if any of the sheep try to climb out of the trough too soon, the sheepdogs bark and snap and force them back in.

But as terrifying an experience as it is for the sheep, without the periodic treatment, they would become the victims of parasites and disease. It is for their good, even if it is beyond their understanding.

Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like something is going on in your life and you don’t understand why God allows such a thing to happen?

Like the psalmist, we must trust that some things are beyond our understanding. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.” Psalm 139:6

We too have a Good Shepherd who is committed to His sheep, though He often does things to us that frighten us and that we cannot, at the moment, understand. Trust is an integral part of faith. If you are suffering this week, I encourage you to trust in the goodness of the Shepherd

One thought on “Shepherding

  1. Thanks Jeff, I actually was not struggling with “why” but I read it anyway. It…wait, why was I on drugs all those years? Not sure I even want to know why, just knowing how grateful I am to God for giving me the guidance and strength to get off and stay off drugs. As well as the hesed love that God has for everyone even me. I know in my heart I will never go back to that old life. That old life died and I was born again June 27th 2018 At Crittenden Dr. Church of Christ
    Russellville, Kentucky. Baptized by Minister Scott Harpe. Jeff I thank you, for many of your sermons will stick in my heart forever. I thank Scott Harpe for the intense Bible study leading up to my Baptism. Most of all I thank God for His Continual Hesed Love and Relentless Pursuit of me. Jason Tucker


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