Relics and Fries

The Concord Mall in Wilmington, Delaware, is getting its 15 minutes of fame after a vendor there discovered a hidden treasure locked behind a wall: a fully intact Burger King from 2009.

Thomas Dahlke, general manager of the mall, uploaded a video tour of the restaurant, including finding a bag containing grossly well-preserved french fries. Current and former employees posted that the space has been used for storage and for running a hose through to water plants in the mall.

One poster quipped: “In Europe they’ve been finding remnants of the Roman Empire. Here they find Burger Kings.”

Someday ALL the things that you and I are striving for will be relics themselves. What car you drove or the square footage of your home won’t matter near as much as where you will spend eternity. Are you working for the things that truly matter?

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