Big or small

When you are 6 yrs old, losing a tooth is a big deal.  After Lena and her family returned to the Greenville-Spartanburg (South Carolina) airport from a trip to Norway on June 17, 6yr old Lena realized her tooth was nowhere to be found. The flight crew noticed that Lena was upset as her family tried to go back onto the plane to look for it; but the plane was already in the process of being cleaned. United Airlines Capt. Josh Duchow went the extra mile however, writing a note to the Tooth Fairy to make sure Lena got credit for her missing tooth.

It’s easy to dismiss the problems of others. Especially when we deem them as unimportant. But when we truly put ourselves in others positions we see that every problem is a big deal to someone. Loving others means helping them regardless of how big or small the problem may be.

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