Chainsaw progress

A logging foreman sold a farmer a chainsaw. He said, “This is guaranteed to chop down fifty trees a day.” The farmer was impressed with that and bought the saw. A week later, the farmer stormed back through the front door, threw the saw on the counter, and demanded his money back. “There’s something wrong with this saw. There’s no way it’ll do fifty trees a day. It can hardly do three trees a day!” The foreman grabbed the saw, pulled the cord, and the saw went, “Bzzzzzzz.” The farmer jumped back, eyes wide open: “Hey, what’s that noise?”

Today many churches are like that farmer. We’ve been handed amazing forms of communication, incredible technology that we still don’t totally understand, but we have no idea how to implement it. So we get disgruntled and blindly hold on to the way it’s always been; not because it’s better but because it’s all we know.

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