Hot Criminals

In Salt Lake City in mid-June, a couple of geniuses rolled up next to a company box truck in a parking lot in their own pickup truck. While one waited the other got under the company truck and drilled a hole into the gas tank, presumably hoping to steal fuel. But the sparks from drilling through the metal caused his shirt catch on fire while he was under the truck. He rolls out from under the truck and begins to roll around the parking lot while trying to remove his shirt. He then jumped into the pickup and the pair of would-be thieves drove away; the company truck still had flames and smoke billowing from underneath, as seen on a surveillance video.

Sometimes our best plans don’t work out the way we think. Instead of speeding away with our ill gotten gain, we end up rolling around on the ground trying to put out the flames of our own bad decisions. Maybe it’s time to stop making your plans and rely on Jesus.

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